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How to use Choice Boards – for kids with Autism

By December 28, 2021No Comments

*CHOICE BOARDS* As parents of Neurodiverse kids with Autism, we want our kids to have an equal opportunity to express their CHOICES… like…

  • The food they want to eat
  • The dress they want to wear to a B’day party
  • The game they want to play, or
  • The TV show/Video they want to watch

But often, most Autistic kids find it really hard to communicate their choices. And when we dare pick a choice that doesn’t suit them… you know very well what follows.

Tantrums, meltdowns and what not. Its difficult for us – and difficult for your little kiddo.

But what if there was an alternate way. Choice Boards are the answer! In this video, Autism 360 Coach Ella Bailey shows how you can use simple choice boards using pen and paper.

She uses the example of “Favorite TV show” but this strategy can easily be incorporated into anything that invoices picking/making a choice. 

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