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Adventure! Every human being longs for adventure. The call of the unknown, the thrill of the unfathomable, that adrenaline rush that can come from a car chase or beating a video game level. Mmhh, yes we crave that. Come on, no one wants to live a boring life with no fun or adventure in it. At heart, we are all thrill seekers.

So, whats then the issue with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? You see with people who have ADHD, where other people may have a desire for adventure, they have an absolute need for adventure. They cannot function without adventure. The mundane, staid details of everyday life prove to be torture they cannot endure.

Why is this so? You can trace this back to a fundamental issue in ADHD, an inability to sit still. There is always something new that needs to be done, some new discovery to make, some foe to vanquish and all that. This restlessness permeates every aspect of the life of a person with ADHD. Yes, most humans would be comfortable with the occasional thrill, but for someone with ADHD, they require a continuous stream of thrills and can only function optimally under such constant stimulation.

Why people with ADHD loves to complexify things

How does this manifest in everyday life? Someone who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may not be satisfied with taking the easy, just enough route to solving any problem. There is this attention to detail that borders of perfectionism. Pi, for example, must be an exactly 3.141592653589…a quiz with a pass mark of 50 where he scores 65 must be retaken. That shopping trip must go on, even for hours, until the perfect dress is found, and will continue for a few more hours until the perfect shoes to match are found too!

In essence, what does an ADHD brain try to do? It knows that it needs a constant supply of thrills. At the same time, it realizes that the thrills in life are often few and far between, sandwiched between long hours of tedium. It realizes that it cannot endure these long hours of tedium so…light bulb flashes! It decides to add an element of uncertainty, of danger, of thrill to even the most mundane of daily activities. Normal task — Brush teeth. Complexified task — Attempt to scrub in front of and behind teeth twenty times in five minutes.

But there are dangers to this complexification. Sometimes you just need to do a simple job, no frills. Sometimes, you may be running late and you need to just do an easy boring job and get in over with. In situations like this, people with ADHD may not be able to cope successfully as their brain requires, no, demands the full measure of excitement. And so, you might see someone who has a flight to catch at 8 am meticulously polishing his shoes at five minutes to eight.

A possible solution to this problem is the application of mental exercises. Take a deep breath and calm your mind. Realize that you must not do this particular task the complex way. Assess the situation properly. Know when you are free to complexify, and when you just have to let it go.

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