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Hello. Welcome to The 360 Method, a podcast where we chat about everything autism 360. Things that are happening in the life of our program, who’s on our team, and everything autism parenting. Each week we’ll be catching you up with experts on relevant topics. We’ll be talking to team members and we’ll be talking all things mindset and exploring relevant topics that autism parents think about. Each week, I’m lucky enough to be joined by the talented Renae, who’ll be joining us a bit later. And she is the mindset coach extraordinaire on the program, who does a lot of work with our parents working on their own mindset challenges. So they could become the parents they have always wanted to be. I’m your host. I’m Ella Bailey.

I’m an autism 360 veteran coach, explore of all things, the parenting support before becoming an autism 360 team member. I worked at a psychological research lab and also in behavioral psychology. So yeah. Welcome to you our lovely listeners. We put a few little housekeeping things to get started with, before we kind of get into the nitty gritty with Renee.

New Year, New You EnergyBut first of all, I just wanted to welcome you to our podcast. And I wanted to say that we care about your feedback. We care about your thoughts and your experiences of the podcast and of the program in general. So please, please, please drop us up a line We would love to hear your feedback and you know from you in general, we make this for you. So please, please, please do get in touch. 

Before we start, I’d like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land from which this podcast is being broadcast, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation and pay this respects to elders past, present and emerging. I wanted to also state that we strive as a company to be as neurodiversity positive as possible.

That means that we use a mixture of person first, identity first language based on the preference of whomever it is that we are chatting with. We are flexible with that based on how that person would like to be referred to. 

Additionally, I would also like to make a disclaimer that this is not a medical podcast. If it’s not a substitute for medical advice, we are just here to support you on your parenting journey. So if you’re concerned about your kid or, you want more support, please do get in contact with your allied health or health professionals. In an attempt to be as disability positive and accessible as possible. There will be transcriptions made of these podcasts as well as closed captions on any video versions that we are making. So thank you so much for sticking with me through that. Let’s get chatting with Renae. So every week we’re going to be chatting about our word of the week, which is just going to be a little bit of a snippet, a little bit of meaty goodness for us to sink our teeth into regarding something autism parenting, anything at all. So if you have like a word of the week that you want to have us chat about, you want to suggest something. Please. As I say before, just give us, shoot us a line. 

Word Of The Week: New Year

This week our word of the week is new year. Now I know I am aware that it’s February, you know, we’re really on that new year’s, the tail end of that new years energy.

But, Renae has some really cool tips to give about about, you know, new year new energy. And I think that it’s a good time in terms of a lot of different things to kind of readjust, take stock, see where we’re at especially with, I know kids are going back to school at the moment. You know, in various different places and they’re different times, but you know, we’re in the ballpark of going back to school. And I know that Renae has lots to say about that. So let’s hear from her on the topic of the new year.

Think About What You Need To Let Go Of

So, as I said earlier, just really looking at first of all, what do you need to let go of and leave behind you now to make sure you can stop filling your cup and your life up with all the things that you truly want. So have a think about that. Is it time to let go of something from the past? Maybe it’s some of those big emotions that are stealing your joy, holding you back, draining your energy. Perhaps it’s some beliefs that aren’t serving you, maybe, as I said, some clutter, whatever those things are, just take a moment to get really clear about that.

Take Action

And the next step is once you’ve start eliminating those things, take action. Get that happening. 

Think About The Future, Where You Want To Be

The next tip I have is to look at that story that you do want to live into now for the next 12 months. So I always say, you know, step out into the future, take a moment, close your eyes. Just say, where do you want to be 12 months from now, imagining that you have achieved everything you’ve wanted between now and then, and living your best life and just look how, what does that look like for you and make this your new 12 month story?

What You Want And Why Is It Important For You

Okay. Don’t worry about the house they will come and once you get clear about the what, what is it that you truly want and why is it so important for you? Why is it a must for you to make sure that you achieve that for you and your beautiful children, your family, and really just start creating that story. Let go of that negative story. If you’ve been a bit stuck in that old story, that’s a really big one to let go of and just start really focusing on what you truly want. Put your energy into that, put all of your attention on that and start taking action towards that, because that is where you’ll really be able to get the absolute best results.

Be Clear About Your Top 3 Goals This Year

And then from that, my last tip is to get really clear about what are your top three goals. What are you committed to achieving between now and the end of this year and write them down. Once you write down your goals, you have up to 45% better chance of achieving them. That clarity has so much power. And remember you can’t hit a target that you can’t see.

So make sure you write them down, start taking action towards those. And you’ll be amazing. You start to get momentum towards those things that you want. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for us to start seeing the results of what we want. So it’s like, you know, planting that seed, just water it, give it your nurturing. Keep going. Don’t give up. Don’t tread on it. Squash it before it’s even had a chance to grow and manifest. Make sure you keep moving towards the things that you want and you’ll feel better straight away. You know, you’ll be energized, you’ll be motivated. And also you’re going to start creating the year and the life that you do want, rather than focusing on what you don’t want and moving in that other direction.

So they are my top three tips to get started on now to really set yourself up for 2022 to use this new energy for the new year as we talked about before and yeah, just, you know, have, get started because you know what now is the time. And if you keep delaying those things, keep carrying all that around.

You could waste another year, just really holding yourself back. So hope that helps today. And back to you Ella. 

Smile Stone

Oh, thank you for that Renae. So my thoughts on the new year are, and this, I would like to give homage to one of my podcasting inspiration, the two piece and the podcast team. So they use this amazing term that I absolutely love, which is a smile stone.

I have found that a lot of parents who are, you know, in their autism parenting journey, they’re, you know, they’re making their way through their children’s childhood, in what might be considered like an atypical, kind of trajectory or timeline. They find that the concept of milestones or meeting milestones or, you know, is your child , you know, taking their developmental milestones or whatever, just to be a real source of, a real source of pain and a real source of, I guess just disappointment.

And I feel that the two piece in the podcast community has really reclaimed this idea with something that’s called a smile stone. So, for example, for our kids, it may not be a reasonable thing to look at a typical milestone and trying to meet that. But what might be more doable is a smile stone. So maybe, you know, your kiddo learns to go to the toilet when they need to go to the toilet, as opposed to following a time schedule. You know, that’s not a typical milestone, but what it is a smile stone. And I think that 2022 is the year of this smile stone. It is the year of reclaiming our kiddos developmental timeline and celebrating the wins that we do have rather than, you know, letting ourselves get caught up in the milestones that then not meeting, you know, celebrate, find some smile stones, make 2022 the year of finding something to celebrate, finding a market, to make that is a goal for you and your kids that maybe . Isn’t a typical goal, but it would mean a huge, big improvement or a huge big development in your kid’s developmental trajectory. So that’s my top tip for , you know, new year, new you energy. Find yourself a smile stone and tell milestones that you’re not interested.

Let’s thank you so much for listening to this first podcast from the autism 360 method crew, where we will be having experts on, we will be getting parents on. And we would be delighted to hear from you. So please do get in touch and until next week, think 360. 

New Year, New You Energy
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New Year, New You Energy
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