hello and welcome to the autism 360  method i am renee tate i’m the mindset  coach on the autism 360. program and i’m  really excited to be here today  to do today’s podcast session with you  and hello to all our lovely listeners  out there looking forward to helping you  today around moving from feeling as if  you’re feeling a bit hopeless today  we’re going to look at how you can  change that to really feel hopeful again  now remember to this is not for medical  purposes this podcast so if you do need  specific medical advice please see your  medical professionals and  we can get into our podcast topic for  today so often when i’m speaking to  parents on the program they are often  sometimes feeling a bit hopeless maybe  they’ve lost their purpose they’ve lost  their joy they’re feeling a little bit  stuck in the weeds and it can all get a  little bit hard you know parenting in  itself is is challenging enough and  particularly when you’ve got extra  challenges with with your child whatever  that may be  so today we’re going to look at three  ways that you can really start to change  that and put you back in the driver’s  seat feeling really hopeful and  hopefully even excited about the future  again  so the first tip i have for you today is  when we’re going through a challenging  time you know sometimes we think why me  or why has this happened to me and we  can really struggle with coming to peace  with that and accepting what’s happening  for us now one of the things that i find  is really powerful is when we’re going  through some challenges rather than  focusing on you know those challenges  and what’s happening is to shift our  mindset and really look at what are the  blessings in this because you know what  there’s always blessings that we can  take from any challenge that we go  through now when we can really learn  from our challenges we can grow and we  can take those blessings from it this is  when we’re really empowered we can turn  those challenges into a positive and it  helps us really grow as people as  parents we can become even better  parents than what we would have been  otherwise i know myself having some  challenges when my children were younger  i i really look back and think as hard  as it was at the time so many blessings  came from that and it really did make me  a much better mother um i i became a  mother that i probably wouldn’t have  ever been had i’ve not been through that  i became a lot more uh dedicated a lot  more um committed um you know i really  learned to put in that time and energy  and and i got the results in the end by  doing that so  um you know whatever those challenges  are that you are going through right now  i really encourage you to look at you  know what can i learn from this um  because there’s always learnings that we  can take from any challenge and when we  can take those learnings and and grow  um that’s when we change that situation  and and we can really step into the





blessings and and take those blessings  that are coming from it so  even just take a moment and think about  first of all what can i learn from this  um and what are the blessings that i can  take from this and i promise you there  is always blessings that you can take  from any situation i’ve been doing this  for many years now and  i have the pleasure of working with  parents on the program and it’s amazing  how when they shift their mindset and  start looking at those things their  whole experience really starts to change  so that’s my first tip for today  okay  now the second thing i would really  encourage you to look at if you’re  feeling a bit hopeless maybe a bit  powerless is to look at what are you  focusing on so again it’s like where am  i putting my attention um often we get a  little bit stuck in focusing on what’s  outside of our control  and looking at all those things that we  really are powerless around maybe it’s  looking at you’re worried about things  that have happened in the past maybe  you’re looking at you know you’re  worried about what do other people think  other people’s opinions and i know that  can be a big one for people um they  worry about other people what do they  think when my child’s doing this or that  um maybe it’s worrying about the economy  or the climate and things like that but  really at the end of the day are largely  out of your control so what i really  encourage you to do is look at what’s in  your zone of control so we have a zone  of control and a zone of influence and  then those other things that are outside  of our control it’s time to let go of  those maybe you’re stuck in the past or  you’re carrying around some baggage from  the past or as i said you’re worried  about what other people are thinking and  you’re losing a lot of your your power  and your energy by doing that so i  really encourage you to look at what is  in my control and when you can really  start to master that area of your life  it is amazing at how much more effective  you can be how much more positive you  can feel um you’ll start to feel in  control again as well and it’s really  empowering to master yourself and and  your own life in in that way so some of  the things that you are in control of is  um looking at your mindset and your  perspective how you’re looking at things  and we just did an exercise looking at  you know how can i grow from this what  are the blessings what can i take from  this rather than you know i’m stuck in  this challenge and and focusing on that  problem  um your actions okay like where do you  put your action and your energy okay  that is in your control maybe you feel  like you don’t have a lot of spare time  things like that but your time at the  end of the day those things um are in  your control and maybe there’s some ways  that you can really master that maybe  there’s some areas where you you can  look at and go actually how effective is  that time that i’m spending on that  maybe you’re spending a bit too much  time on social media or things that are  sort of sucking your energy rather than  helping you feel more empowered and and  helping you become the parent that you  want to be  okay um who you’re being as a parent i  mean those things are in your control  are you responding um to what’s  happening or are you reacting  are you focusing on the the problem or  are you focusing on the solutions okay  all of these things are in your control  so i really encourage you um to to  change your focus and start looking at  what’s in my zone of control what can i  really master  and i promise you just that one step



will change your life if you can really  let go of those other things even  sometimes our children and their  behavior yes we can influence them of  course that’s what we’re here to do but  sometimes there’s things that we just  need to go you know what there’s times  where i can’t control everything but i’m  going to look at how am i responding to  that situation and and i’m really proud  of myself how i handled that i was able  to stay calm in that situation  so managing our emotions um our thoughts  these things are in our control and i  know sometimes it can feel like but my  thoughts just have a life of their own  or um how do i get in control of my  emotions i know sometimes we don’t know  exactly how to do that but this is what  i’m here for on the program i do a lot  of work with people around those things  and um absolutely they those things are  still within your control so have a look  at that and just look at what are some  areas what are some gaps of how i could  really master those areas of my life and  really be very mindful and effective in  those areas because when you really put  your time and energy and your focus into  the area of your control that zone of  control you will really start to change  your life so that’s that’s exciting and  your children will get the benefit of  that as well of course okay  uh so that’s my second tip for today  now my third tip is to look at  one of the things i love about working  with parents on the program is  when they come to me and they’re feeling  a bit down and a bit lost one of the  things we do is we do a goal setting  session for them while they’re on the  program as well so not only are they  working on wonderful things for their  child and goals but i often say how  would you like to be feeling or what  would you like to have happen in your  life in the next three months in the  next 12 months and as soon as they start  focusing on that goal of what do they  want for their life they they just  change they they go from that feeling of  hopelessness to hopefulness okay to  positivity all of a sudden their whole  their whole demeanor changes and they  start focusing on what they want so i  really really encourage you to take a  moment and think about  if you could achieve anything that you  wanted between now and 12 months from  now step out to that point close your  eyes just step into that and think about  don’t worry about the house right now  but if you could achieve everything  you’ve wanted between now and then and  um  you know could be living your best life  12 months from now what would that be  like for you how would you be feeling  what would you be doing what would be  happening with your family  now obviously we want to make it  realistic and achievable but it’s  amazing what people achieve in 12 months


i work with people over periods of  time and they really can change so many  parts of their life that right now may  not seem possible so i really encourage  you to take a moment to step into that  and look at what does that look and feel  like for you  and then write it down okay  um  this is so powerful to really capture  that whatever came up for you in 12  months from now  now the other thing i get people to do  is if while you’re there is look at what  advice would you give to yourself today  12 months from now as well because  there’s some really good advice that  your future self will give to you as  well  so with that new vision your 12 month  vision for your life from that we can  break that down into some smaller goals  as well okay but what i really want you  to do is to look at the story that maybe  you’re stuck in right now now we all get  stuck in a story of what’s happened in  the past and what’s happening for us in  our life and my child this and this is  happening and that’s happening now maybe  some of it is a positive story but maybe  there’s some parts of your story you  don’t want to keep creating and focusing  on and talking about because whatever  you’re talking about focusing on that’s  actually what you’re creating more of  it’s sort of keeping you stuck in that  story so i really encourage you to even  just um  sit down and write down what is the  story that i’m telling myself over and  over again what is it that i’m talking  to my friends about over and over again  now i’ve had people that have just this  alone changing their story it will  change  your life um okay now um  looking at that old story i i would  encourage you to write it down rip it up  burn it safely um flush it down the  toilet whatever you would like to do  with it but absolutely just draw a line  in the sand today and just  commit to yourself to start telling a  new story just go i’m not going to tell  that old story anymore now i know  sometimes it’s hard when people are  asking you about what’s happening with  this and that and you’re seeing  specialists and sometimes that can get a  little bit negative because that’s all  we’re doing is focusing on what problems  need to be fixed but as often as you can  i really encourage you to start looking  at that new 12-month story that you saw  for your future write it down and start  focusing on that start talking about  that even if you don’t know how that’s  all going to unfold just now  it is amazing what can start to happen  just by shifting your focus talking  about that news story putting your  energy into that the way that your mind  works it will start finding ways for you  to achieve that all of a sudden things  will start turning up opportunities may  start happening that little bit of  advice that helped with um overcoming  whatever that other challenge was that  you were stuck in before all of a sudden  those solutions things start changing  you start moving in the direction of  that news story of what you want rather  than what you don’t want and focusing on  that now that is a really powerful  strategy that can completely change your  life so  looking at that new story get rid of the  old one stop talking about it whenever  you can um you know i realize there’s  times we have to go and talk to our  coaches and our specialists and things  like that but as often as you can  focusing on that new story of what you  want for your family for your life for  your future  and start moving towards that maybe set  yourself some shorter term goals some  90-day goals some  six-month goals towards that break those  down into maybe your top three goals for  the next 90 days just to chunk it down a  bit




but i promise you it’s amazing what  starts to unfold and not only do you  start changing your life and and your  family story but you also start to feel  more hopeful you start to get excited  again you’ve got something positive to  focus on and that in itself will make  you feel better will make you feel like  you’ve got energy again you’ll start to  become inspired towards moving towards  something that is really positive for  you and your your family’s future okay  um so today we looked at three ways to  really start to move towards um feeling  hopeful again feeling positive for your  future and your family and  i really can assure you if you put these  things into practice get started  straight away you will be amazed at what  what changes you’ll start to feel better  you’ll have more energy  all of those things you start to get  that positive momentum moving towards  that so  um good luck with that i i really look  forward to hearing your updates and your  comments and your feedback around that  and if you’re not on the program and and  we can help you in any way or if i can  help you in any way i would certainly  love to be able to help you to achieve  those goals so um thank you so much for  joining me today if you’ve got any  questions at all  please let ella and myself know and  we look forward to seeing you and  speaking to you in the next episode of  the autism  360 method so thank you for joining me  today and i will speak to you soon

 3 Steps to Move from Hopeless to Hopeful Again!
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3 Steps to Move from Hopeless to Hopeful Again!
Are you feeling a bit hopeless at times and feel like you’ve lost your joy around parenting and what the future looks like? In today’s podcast, Autism 360 Mindset Coach, Renae Tate will show you 3 Steps to shift from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful and get you excited about the future again!
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