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How often have we heard people describing individuals with ADHD as having “high energy levels”? Well, you are not alone if you ever wondered, “if only”.

adhd and fatigue

Strong Correlation Between ADHD and Fatigue

Researchers have explained that ADHD equals hyperactivity and in turn, hyperactivity equals energizer. Therefore, purely by the logic of deduction, this implies ADHD is also related to the energizer.

However, few might also ponder, this is not logical scientific reasoning. This would be the same as to say, severe headache is related to convulsions and convulsions are related to an upset stomach. Therefore severe headache is related to upset stomach!

Well, a scientific study has been conducted and recently published in British Journal of Clinical Psychology. During the study, as many as 243 adults who were already diagnosed with ADHD were evaluated. The objective of the study was to evaluate fatigue symptoms among the participants.

Out of the 243 participants, 86 of them were diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and other 104 participants also showed milder symptoms of fatigue.

The participants were further divided into 2 groups, the ones who were diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and other who were not on the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Interestingly, it was noted that the group that had reported high levels of fatigue were none other than chronic fatigue syndrome.

However, it should also be noted that neither groups reported low levels of fatigue.

Added to this, the CFS group also reported high levels of ADHD symptoms.

Contrary to the belief of ADHD people having higher levels of energy, questions remain why the ADHD group reported higher levels of fatigue?

This could be explained by the fact, having ADHD can also mean subjecting oneself to more work and stress. For instance

  • An urge to finish the task, even though you are unable to concentrate and stay focused
  • Taking more time at certain tasks than it would normally require
  • Trying to stay ahead of others and lack of planning at times also gives rise to fatigue
  • Not working in properly stimulated environments
  • Procrastinating, or delaying things ends up in having lots of work at irregular periods of times.

In summary, it means having ADHD can make you tired at times.

An individual fatigue level being associated with ADHD isn’t something abnormal as ADHD is basically associated with hyperactivity.

This is due to the fact that an individual on ADHD, tends to avoid environments where they could have self-control, patience and ability to tolerate boredom.

This could at times, drain the energy levels.

There are other situations where a hyper focus is involved. Thus having ADHD would also mean having more work or in other words subjecting one to more work which gives rise to increased fatigue levels.

The study therefore confirmed that people with ADHD are more prone to have higher levels of fatigue.

ADHD and Fatigue
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ADHD and Fatigue
Recent study uncovers that there is a close connection between ADHD and fatigue, or feeling tired
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