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Welcome to a different kind of city! Glasgow is in the process of becoming “autism-friendly,” and as the first of its kind, plans are moving forward quickly, says the Glasgow city council.

Glasgow Autism Friendly City

Authorities from the business sector, as well as many organizations within the city’s autism network, are working together to transform Glasgow into a city that is all-inclusive and family-friendly.

Glasgow is featured as one of the top cities in the U.K., attracting a whopping 55 million tourists every year for leisure, shopping, and work.

About 1 percent of Glasgow’s population is made up of individuals with autism.

The plan has 5 major objectives:

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Information
  • Staff Training
  • Physical Environment
  • Promote Understanding

The above objectives are designed and focused on raising awareness of autism and of the many challenges it presents to individuals on a day-to-day basis.

The council is also leading a workshop on the 24th of April with the aim of “deepening understanding of how autism can impact a visit to the city centre, and the benefits of improving accessibility.”

‘These proposals have a basic aim: simple changes that can allow autistic people and their families or caregivers to have the most enjoyable day they can in Glasgow city centre.’

‘We look forward to working with our project partners and making Glasgow the first place in the U.K. to adjust its entire city centre to be an autism-friendly location.”

Autism Network advisor Lynsey Stewart says, “We are delighted to be supporting the initiative to make Glasgow an autism-friendly city.

‘We believe this worthwhile project will make a real difference in enabling those on the autism spectrum to confidently access community infrastructure like shopping centres, tourist attractions, and public transport.”

Glasgow becoming Autism Friendly City
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Glasgow becoming Autism Friendly City
Glasgow seems well on track to becoming the most Autism Friendly City on Planet Earth
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