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Is this what Autism parents has been looking for years? Is Autism 360 too good to be true?

Since it’s launch at the start of the year, this program seems to have taken the parenting community by storm.

Within a month, the program has received thousands of applications from parents across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and those who have joined it seems to be rolling over in appreciation of the support they are receiving so far from this program.

So, is Autism 360 THE real deal? We went through the whole application process just to figure this out. And here is what we found….

What is Autism 360 Program?

Autism 360 is a 6 months one-on-one program focused on empowering autism parents to be in the driver’s seat of their kid’s all-round development. The goal of this program is to provide parents with all the tools, strategies, resources, and the real-life experience that they need to play a directorial role in their child’s development.

… and they would receive hands-on support all along the way from trained professional experts!

This video on their website explain the process…autism 360 program thumbnail

Why parents may need Autism 360?

Being a parent is tough enough, but being an autism parent is even tougher. You are constantly challenged with communication gaps, learning and speech difficulties, as well as behavioral problems.

You spend endless moments wondering if your child will be able to live a fully fulfilled life academically, occupationally and even socially.

At an initial glance, this program seems to  answer those fears and a definitive plan to ensure that parents are empowered to become a mentor for their child and help their kids navigate through these daily challenges.

>> Find out more about Autism 360 Program

How is Autism 360 Program any different?

The structure adopted by Autism 360 is quite different from other programs that uses cookie-cutting, one-size-fits-all kind of strategies strategies that do not deliver results for a highly varied, complex condition such as Autism. Autism 360 has been tailored with certain key features to meet the individual needs of each child and parent.

So what makes the program so special?
  • Parents are no longer restricted by geography. They could be located in remotest areas, and as long as they have a decent internet connectivity and a working phone connection, they should be able to have access to best-of-breed autism support.
  • It focuses on various key aspects of a child’s development, such as learning skills, behavioral development, and communication skills (as shown below)

autism 360 focus areas

  • It is based on real-life strategies and techniques that positively impact the growth of your child, not theoretical or unrealistic management strategies.
  • The program believes in taking smaller steps and inspect and adapt along the way. This makes sense, given that each child with Autism is unique and not even the best strategies are going to work for everyone.
  • Parents get a dedicated autism coach to help then guide through the strategies and goals of the program and help re-evaluate these at regular intervals.
  • An awesome innovative Buddy Support System (more on that later) which provides both support and a platform to share ideas and challenges encountered along the journey.
  • A well designed “key goal” system which focuses on 3 developments goals agreed upon by you and your coach as the biggest points to be faced during the program. These areas will be constantly monitored for improvement.
  • Weekly monitoring to ensure progress is being made.

>> Application link for the Program

Some key features of Autism 360 Program?

Here are some of the key features that seems may have the potential to revolutionize the way autism parents receive support globally:

1. A 6 months One-on-One Coaching System:

This allows you unlimited access to an Autism Specialist who will act as your mentor and guide throughout the program.

They will provide you with guidance, strategies and even resources in the form of other specialized providers when necessary such as:

  • special educators,
  • behavioral therapists,
  • occupational therapists and so on.

The program will also help you evaluate the progress your child has made and adjust your goals or strategies if necessary.

2. Individualized Child Development Plan:

Since there is no proverbial “one ring to rule them all“, the Autism 360 program focuses on an individually tailored scheme to best help your child obtain optimal impact from the program.

Based on a 3 key goal policy, we measure progress, adjust strategy, provide the necessary resources to obtain the best possible outcome for both you and your child.

3. Access to Neuroscience based devices:

You will receive access safe, non-invasive and thoroughly vetted Touchpoints technology which has found use across a wide range of situations and conditions.

These have been found to be effective in sensory sensitivities, tantrums & meltdowns, hyperactivity and even lack of focus.

4. On the Bleeding-edge of Technology:

From the latest apps that develop speech and communication to technologies that super-charge your child’s learning and social skills, Autism 360 provides parents with access to the latest and the greatest in technology. Here are only a few such examples:

  • BoardMaker Online Edition: Arguably the best AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) support and resource available today. BoardMaker will allow your coach to assign communication and learning activities online and monitor real-time progress as your child completes the same under your supervision
  • Social Express: A neuroscience based app that allows your child to experience various social situations in a safe environment and explore the most appropriate social behaviors
  • Cool School: Helping parents and special needs children with school readiness combat any possible bullying experience
  • AutiPlan: A rapid visual schedule generator for parents allowing then to pull out and print schedules in a matter of minutes – because most kids with Autism are visual learners.
  • 1000+ PCES Picture cards: all in printable format – parents will never need to look elsewhere for another set of visual cards
  • 300+ Additional Autism resources – all included within the program for unlimited use

Additionally, you’ll receive aids for teaching, learning and self-care activities, even if your child is non-verbal or needs visual aids to help facilitate the learning process.

5. On Demand Therapist Consultation:

If and when necessary, your coach can recruit the services of a specialist, to help in progress reviews and also in creating an augmented plan that can be incorporated into your child’s weekly development plan. Such specialists can include:

  • Speech pathologists
  • Behavior psychologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Special educators, and more

6. A Vibrant 360° Members Community:

This is a fully interactive and immersive forum for you to network, post questions, challenges, success stories and support one another.

Find a friend who has the same problems or is in a similar situation to yours and rubs minds together and find out what helped and what did not. Support is a key component of this program and we ensure you that you’re not alone.

There are tons of other key programs you can benefit from once you register for the program.

How Autism 360 Program is Transforming the Lives of Parents with Autistic Kids

How to Join Autism 360 Program?

Application into the program is free and requires just a few simple steps.

  1. Complete the easy 7-minute application form which requests basic info needed to aid you along the way.
  2. Book online for a 45 minutes breakthrough discussion
  3. Expect a call from an experienced Autism Specialist coach at the time of your booking
  4. Discuss your top 3 development goals and plans.
  5. If suitable, the Coach may extend you with an offer to join the program.

>> Access the Application link here

Our Verdict!

After going through the Autism 360 application process, we believe that this truly have the potential to completely disrupt the way Autism parents receive support today.

So, you you are an Autism Parent and looking for help and support for the development of your child, this is definitely worth checking out!


Because, according to the program – at the end of 6 months:

  • Parents should experience measurable improvements in various developmental areas of their child including behavioral, learning and communication.
  • Parents would also be skilled in the design and execution of strategies that work best for their child, as well as gain the ability to fine-tune or adjust these strategies as needed.
  • Their dependency on specialist therapy providers, such at OT, Behavior therapists, etc will reduce significantly.
  • Parents can become an expert in improvising and adapting strategies with confidence.

To find out more about the Autism 360 Program, click here.

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