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An App is designed for autistic people to address their many needs by using a different approach. The App named Identifier Companion uses a human character code-named Abby.

Autism App Identifier Companion features Abby - an Interactive Humanoid Companion

Autism App “Identifier Companion” features Abby – an Interactive Humanoid Companion

Young Abby helps youngsters diagnosed with Autism syndrome by aiding them by answering their many questions which might remain unanswered otherwise.

The advantage of the going online is the App is available round the clock and could be used at any time of the day.

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The Companion app is designed to personify the answers and assist individuals with special needs by aiding them in their day to day activities.

Abby, the app’s character uses artificial intelligence (AI), which taken two-way communication between man (or woman) and machine to the next level.

Abby helps in answering the common questions, for instance, how to address complex situations that may arise during an individual’s work, not just in office but even in their personal lives.

Abby further helps in reminding individuals about daily living activities, such as, time to wake up and when the person has had enough screen time.

She also helps in reminding people about the specific medications that they need to take at the predefined time.

Abby helps kids with their classes during their recess breaks. The app developers say, there is nothing that Abby cannot do, and stresses,

If you can visualize the need, Abby can assist you in reminding about it.

Abby is also programmed to alert people about the weather and forewarn any possibilities of impending changes in routine (which normally disturbs many individuals with Autism).

Using a combination of AI and pre-set configurations, Abby helps individuals decide what type of clothes or accessories one may need to adjust to the weather of the day.

Identifier Companion app AbbyFurther, Abby is integrated with Google maps help navigate individuals to their destinations safely – by providing with proper pavement directions that help in driving and walking.

Information about Public Transit systems as well as getting services from Radio cabs such as Uber and also out of the box with this app.

A really good feature is in the Identifier Companion app is that it goes a step further by showing us how to do things in a rather easy manner.

Initially, the app is self learning and closely monitors the individual to understand his/her daily routine, and over time, adapts to the user’s lifestyle.

Identifier – The Company behind the app is a venture by Husband-Wife duo, Cuong Do and Lori Rickles. The app is designed to assist individuals with Autism and parents alike.

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