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A few decades back, it seemed to be rather unusual for a student with autism enter college or continue his/her higher studies. However, with greater awareness and tireless advocacy, things have started moving in favor of youngsters diagnosed with autism.

Autism and Education

With improvements in treatments, pupils with average or above average intellectual disabilities are enrolled in universities according to their likes and tastes. Although, higher education presents some of the many challenges to students diagnosed with autism, support personnel in the college have geared up to gather, analyze and document college experiences of students with autism to assist them in their way to success.

In the United States alone, there are more than 550,000 young children diagnosed with autism as per the recent data estimates available to the authorities. In similar to their typically developing peers, individuals with autism will also transition into their adulthood during the early next decade. 45% of young adults with autism are expected to enroll themselves in universities, vocational schools, and colleges in the forthcoming years.

These trends are seen to signal change since completion of the secondary degree or graduation streams is a significant factor that predicts positive outcomes in the autistic population. The livelihood of individuals with autism will be better helping them land employment positions to greater financial autonomy.

Experts highlight, the current trends suggest autistic student population have a slightly lower probability of completing their education than their other peers who are without any disabilities.

Nevertheless, college experiences for autistic populations have evolved while prevailing bullying issues have taken backstage whilst underlying issues continue to be addressed.

A Unique Approach to Help Students with Autism Thrive
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A Unique Approach to Help Students with Autism Thrive
An insightful article highlighting the progressive trends of autistic children in the education
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