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ADHD can undermine an individual’s ability to organize. However, brains that are forgetful and distracted can also be energetic, creative, and persistent with little effort.

3 ADHD Self help strategies

If you have any trouble concentrating on tasks or have been diagnosed with ADHD, give the strategies below a try; they could help to make some things in your life easier:

Self Care

It is often said that self-help is the best help; so is self-care. Sleep is very important for brain health, and not getting enough sleep on a regular basis is a worrying sign. Get good sleep regularly and make it a priority of your daily checklist. Experts stress the importance of sufficient sleep, as well as eating protein-rich food that helps the brain neurons to function properly. 

It has also been shown that individuals don’t get enough exercise. Getting enough exercise helps a person to stay active throughout the day. If you do not find working out interesting, a long walk is also a good option.


As rightly said, simplicity is the best opportunity. Downsizing that huge list of your belongings, as well as striking off a few not-so-important things from your to-do list make life easier and more manageable.

This is a good strategy for all of us to consider and implement. Simplifying with tools and systems goes a long way in helping individuals to stay more organized and happy at the same time.


People can sometimes be averse to seeking support. However, reaching out to others for support is helpful and an important aspect of wellness.

There are many people to whom you can reach out for support, both in the online and offline world. Counsellors, coaches, professionals, self-help organizations, and many others are ready to help people out with life’s problems; the most important thing being to seek that help.

ADHD does have a negative impact on our daily efforts and day-to-day lives, but its impact is manageable with support, simplification, and self-care.

Do you have any more suggestions that could be of help to our community? Please share your thoughts in the comment box.

3 Effective ADHD Startegies
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3 Effective ADHD Startegies
This article talks about the 3 effective ADHD strategies that actually goes a long way
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