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How to Help a Child with Autism Sleep Better

By December 28, 2021No Comments

“My Neurodiverse child will NOT fall asleep”.. How often do we hear that from Autism moms and dads?

Resting time, and a good night’s sleep is so important. Yet, most of us, parenting kids with Autism are so sleep deprived. Our kids wouldn’t wanna go to bed on time. And when they do, you can count on them to wake us up 20 times during the 8 hour period.

Its not their fault, and you know it! What could the poor child do if s/he is unable to sleep. But this also takes a MASSIVE toll on our resting period. We wake up feeling tired, we get grumpy and agitated throughout the day. Its a NEVER-ending cycle isn’t it?

Is there anything you could do? Why not try to follow a  sleep ritual… Provide your child with the right sensory inputs that relaxes their body and mind. This video could help you put an end to sleep-deprivation (both for yourself and your little one)

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