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The tools and documents shared in this page are mostly 3rd party in nature and DW Autism assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and consistency of these documents and tools.

Welcome to the Autism Tools and documents library. Here you will find heaps of free helpful resources on Autism from across the internet.

Developmental Tools and Resources for Autism

Developmental Tools and Resources for Autism


First Concern to Early Action Toolkit

first concern to early action toolkit

  • Suitable for: Toddlers under 3 years
  • Stage: Not yet diagnosed with Autism
  • Category: Diagnosis & Assessment

Your child may just be a couple of years old and you are beginning to observe that something isn’t quite the same when compared to other kids. You may be asking yourself, does my child have autism and if so, what to do next? This booklet will sort that out for you and provide guidance on the best steps that could be taken to get the most out of early intervention services.

Before you download this toolkit, you could try the following internal resources from the DW Autism website:

Go to our Autism Test Center and take the Autism Test for Toddlers
Take a look at our Assessment & Progress Monitoring Tools repository
Publisher: Autism Treatment Network.

100 Day Autism Kit


100 day kit Tool for AutismSuitable for: Children under 4 years
Stage: Freshly diagnosed with Autism
Category: Early Intervention
This tool is from Autism Speaks and is meant for families of young children under the age of 4 who have just been diagnosed with Autism. The aim is to make the most out of the first 100 days following a confirmed autism diagnosis of the child.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

100 Day Kit For School Going

100 days schooling toolkit for kids with autismSuitable for: Children between 5 to 13 years
Stage: Diagnosed with Autism and ready for schooling
Category: Behavioral and Learning
This tool assists parents of children with ASD between the age of 5 to 13. Focused on school readiness, it contains necessary tools and techniques for families to see through the crucial first 100 days of going to school.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

Autism Internet Modules

autism internet modules

  • Suitable for: Parents, Therapists
  • Category: Developmental Tools

Autism Internet Modules (AIM) is a tool that provides quality information and accreditation services for anyone who instructs, supports, works or lives with an autistic individual. The only downside is that you would need to go through the registration process to be able to have free access to the modules.

Each module in this course will guide you through various instructional videos, assessment stages, case studies and much more. While the modules are available at no cost to the users, if you need to apply for credit or accreditation certificate then you would need to pay a nominal fee. Click above to access the list of all modules.
Publisher: Autism Internet Modules[/fusion_builder_column_inner] Rating:

Autism Speaks Video Glossary

Visit Glossary:


Autism Speaks Video GlossarySuitable for: Parents of Autistic children
Category: Video Tools
Yet another great free tool from Autism Speaks. This is an exceptionally handy tool for parents of autistic children who are trying to keep up with the autistic trends of their children. To access this valuable resource, you would need to go through the free registration process.

editors choiceIt comes as no surprise why this tool is our Editor’s choice with a 5-star rating. Videos are categorized into different behavioral and symptomatic aspects ranging from communication to feeding and learning habits. Videos of normal children vis-a-vis red flags for Autism is extremely efficient in helping parents spot the difference.
Publisher: Autism Internet Modules

Autism Advocacy Kit

Advocacy Tool Kit for Autism

  • Suitable for: Individuals and families with Autism
  • Stage: Adolescent/adults with ASD or borderline Autism
  • Category: Advocacy, Communication, and Negotiations

This tool empowers individuals with Autism and their families to apply various advocacy and negotiation skills depending on common situations. Each section of the toolkit has been crafted by experts in that subject area and is meant to help an autistic individual throughout his/her lifespan.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

Autism Behavioral Treatment Kit


behavioral toolkit for Autism

  • Suitable for: Children with Autism on aggressive behavior
  • Category: Behavioral Therapy

Autism and behavioral issues come hand in hand. Kids with autism may display aggression, self-inflicting behavioral symptoms, tantrums, and oppositional defiance. This tool has a set of handy tips for parents to deal with autism-related behavioral impairments in their children. It also provides a range of in-home behavioral treatment strategies.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

Medication Decision Handbook


Autism Medication Handbook

While it may be a difficult decision for most families, more than 50% children with Autism would be subjected to medications (like Risperdal, etc) at some point during their treatment. This handbook includes family decision aids and addresses some frequently asked questions that parents might have before they introduce their children to medication.
Publisher: Autism Treatment Network

Medication Safe Use ToolKit

autism medication use Toolkit

Suitable for: Autistic individual on medication
Category: Medication Therapy
For families who have decided to seek medical help for treating Autism symptoms,  this toolkit might be extremely handy during the introduction of medication for Autism. The tools catalogs target symptoms and possible side effects to help you prepare for varied possibilities. It is also an essential guide to safe use of medication and supplementing medication with therapies.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

Toilet Training Autism ToolKit

Toilet Train Autism Toolkit

  • Suitable for: Toddlers with Autism
  • Category: Behavioral Therapy

Parents of kids with Autism will vouch how difficult it might be to potty train an autistic child. This toolkit provides caregivers information on difficulties parents normally face and some helpful tips to circumvent the same.
Publisher: Autism Treatment Network

Pica Handbook for Autistic Children

pica handbook for AutismSuitable for: Toddlers & Children with Autism
Category: Diet Therapy
Pica is compulsive eating of non food item – a typical behavior among Autistic children. This handbook provides insight on why autistic children are prone to pica, how Pica is harmful for your child and what you, as parents, could do to prevent/treat it.
Publisher: Autism Treatment Network

Autism Feeding Habits Handbook

Feeding Habits for Autism

  • Suitable for: Toddlers & Children with Autism
  • Category: Diet Therapy

Studies suggest that more than 50% of Autistic children have some issue or the other with food. Also, it is a proven fact that proper dietary measures like GFCF Diet for Autism can significantly improve a child’s cognitive ability and social impairments. The feeding habits handbook will empower you to take control of your child’s diet and eating habits.
Publisher: Autism Treatment Network

ABA Informational Guide

applied behavior analysis handbook

ABA is a set of principles based on science of learning and behavior that could be applied to treat behavioral impairments in autistic children. This toolkit is meant to provide parents with a far better understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). As parents, you also get an insight on how your child can benefit from ABA and where you can seek such services.
Publisher: Autism Treatment Network

Sleep Strategy Toolkits

sleep strategy tools for Autism

  • Suitable for: Teens/Adolescents with Autism
  • Category: Sleep Disorder

Teens and adolescents with Autism often have difficulty in sleeping. Such disorders are more common in boys with autism than in girls. Such sleep disorders impact their daytime functioning. The tool is designed to assist parents with implementing appropriate sleep patterns and tackle problems with staying asleep during the night and falling asleep during the day.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

Visual Support Tools

Visual Support Tools for AutismSuitable for: Children of all ages
Category: Learning Therapy
This visual support tool may have lost its effectiveness with so many apps for autism existing today, but its still classic old world, and Free! It provides step by step visual instructions that parents could cut out and use in order to teach their children essential social, communication and behavioral skills.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

Challenging Behavior Toolkit

Autism Challenging BehaviorSuitable for: Children of all ages
Category: Behavior Therapy
Autistic kids, could at times be very hard to control. Anger, defiance, tantrums, and annoyance are some of the common behavioral issues that families with autism need to cope on a regular basis. This is where this toolkit comes handy. It equips you with some essential techniques that you can easily apply to control the aggression of your little one. A must-have for kids with behavioral issues.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

Autism Employment Tools

Autism Employment Tool Kit

Each adult with Autism is different in their own ways. The Autism Employment Tool is a great handbook to get employed and stay employed in the competitive labor market. It is also a classic reference point for your employer. The autism resource was developed in collaboration with autistic adults and focuses primarily on increasing employee participation of individuals with Autism.
Publisher: Autism Speaks

Autism Family Support Tools

autism family support toolkit

  • Suitable for: Families (and friends) with Autism
  • Category: Informational

Learning, for the first time, that your friend or family member is autistic is probably a defining moment of your life. People react in a variety of ways ranging from utter shock, denial, anger, grief, etc. This is a great Autism resource to help ease some of those emotions and teach you to accept the change – for your life is never going to be the same again.
In order to ensure that this tool is optimally utilized, it has been split into 4 categories based on the persons relationship with the autistic individual:

  1. Parent’s Guide
  2. Sibling’s Guide
  3. Grandparent’s Guide
  4. Friend’s Support Tool

Publisher: Autism Speaks

Autism Adulthood Transitioning Tool

autism adulthood transition tool

  • Suitable for: Adolescents transitioning to Adults
  • Category: Growing Up

For autistic adolescents transitioning over to adulthood, it is a crucial journey. Not only does it expose them to new opportunities, but life also throws in sets of new challenges. This book is an essential guide for families to prepare their children for adulthood.
Publisher: Autism Treatment Network

Evidence-Based Autism Intervention

evidence based autism intervention toolsSuitable for: Toddlers and children with Autism
Category: Early Intervention
Thoroughly researched and proven intervention techniques designed to be highly effective for children with Autism. Endorsed by multiple Autism foundations and Missouri based governing bodies, this free document is quite a catch.
: Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative

Positively Autism Learning Tools

Click here to Visit Positively Autism Learning Tools

Positively Autism Learning Tools


  • Suitable for: Toddlers and children with Autism
  • Category: Learning Therapies

A nice set of free tools and printables from Positively Autism. Mini situational courses are split in to 5 sections:

  1. Social
  2. Academics
  3. Behavior
  4. Community
  5. Routines

Publisher: Positively Autism

DW Autism Blog

Click here to visit DW Autism Blog

DW Autism Blog

  • Suitable for: All individuals and Families with Autism
  • Category: 360° Development

Last but not the least, please explore our website DW Autism for a wide range of Autism resources. From blogs and articles on Autism to Autism treatment and therapy options, we have it all covered and are actively developing the platform. You can click here to learn more About us and also get in touch with us should you have any enquiries.
Publisher: Deal With Autism
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