Program Toilet Trained 13000 Kids Autism 3 Days

Is it possible to Toilet train children with Autism in just 3 Days? Our program at Autism 360™ has a 97.6% success rate in doing just that 🙂 3 Days is not a lot of time. Yet, with the right set of tools, strategies and guidance, it is possible to fully potty train a child … Read more

The Unusual Relationship Between Autism and Hallucinations

Have you ever thought you heard a sound when in reality there is nothing? Or have you ever seen someone close by, then they are nowhere to be found? It has been shown that few individuals have experienced these hallucinations and scenarios in their daily lives. A recent study has shown that autistic adults oftentimes … Read more

Chromosome Gene Responsible Developmental Paths

Children who lack elasticity of DNA chromosome tend to show worsening social and motor skills beginning at the age of eight, as per a recent study. However, those with 16p11.2 do not showcase this decline. The duplication and deletion of 16p11.2 often leads to a distinct developmental curve. One percent of autistic individuals are diagnosed … Read more

Can Wriggling Worms Give Way to Autism Gene Correction?

Worm movements have the potential to treat autism-related symptoms. During a recent study, researchers analyzed and screened drugs to try to normalize the swimming behavior in worms with autism mutations which may be linked to the condition. The nervous system of roundworms consists of 302 neurons. Although researchers have utilized organisms to study and conduct … Read more

Social Difficulties With Autism

Children diagnosed with autism are prone to anxieties resulting in social difficulties due to their poor socializing skills. However, the related foreshadowing social problems need not be necessarily true in every case, as per the latest study analyzing typical autistic children. The study highlights the need to understand the anxiety that is common in autistic … Read more

The Relationship Between Autism and the Brain

UBE3A, a gene responsible for mediating the satisfaction that a person derives from socializing in their circles, may cause a muting of the brain region when too many copies of the gene are present. When UBE3A is present in excess, it can cause autism and lead to further problems with skills like socializing. This is … Read more

The Relationship Between Maternal Infections and Neuronal Signals

Mock viruses were injected into pregnant mice to observe the changes in their immune systems and arising maternal infections. Pups were shown to be infected post-birth with the mock virus. These effects result in impairment of brain signaling, as per a recent study. Infections during stages of pregnancy can result in schizophrenia and further elevates … Read more