Sensory Integration Disorder Symptoms

So, what is Sensory Integration Disorder? Sensory Integration Disorder (also referred as Sensory Integration Dysfunction or SID) is a condition in which sensory input is not organized properly in the brain. The problem with integrating sensory input is magnified in information processing and behavior. It is important for parents to keep an eye out for any Sensory Integration Disorder Symptoms in … Read more

Autism in Boys

It is quite well known that autism in boys differs significantly from autism spectrum disorder in girls. Working with children classified “special needs” (as all neurological behavioral problems were classified), I have had some experience with the small number of girls I have worked with, but boys have definitely been the majority. Key Gender Based Statistics on … Read more

Autism in Girls

Autism in girls has always been a topic less talked about than autism in boys. The reason being that boys are 4 times more likely to be diagnosed positive for Autism Spectrum Disorder than girls. Some Statistics on Autism in Children Autism rates Increasing at Alarming Proportions – Girls less Impacted Autism, according to the … Read more

Does My Child Have Autism

Have you recently observed any anomalies in your child’s behavior compared to other kids of similar age? Or has the teacher in your child’s pre-school brought to your attention that your child is usually reclusive and doesn’t want to interact with other children or teachers in the classroom? Or maybe you family practitioner has recommended that … Read more

How Do You Get Autism

Wondering how do you get Autism Spectrum Disorder? Let me guess why. You may have already observed some autistic trends in your child – they might include any abnormal behavior or a sudden regression in your child’s development. Or maybe a teacher in your child’s pre-school has raised some concerns that your child is quite … Read more

Types of Autism

The various types of Autism are considered a “spectrum disorder” – an umbrella, with a range of autistic syndromes at varying degree of severities. It can also be depicted, and this is my preferred version while educating parents, as a rainbow where the colors blend and overlap. Each of the distinct color represents a particular category … Read more

Pervasive Developmental Disorder

What is Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD NOS) Autism is a spectrum disorder, which typically means that the term “Autism” describes a range of different conditions. In the case of autism, these conditions are all neurodevelopmental disorders. So far, researchers have identified five types of neurodevelopmental disorders that fall under the umbrella term of autism. Autism, … Read more

Is Autism Genetic

Is Autism genetic? Indeed a common question among couples with a history of Autism in their family and planning to have a baby. Recent studies have shown that though Autism is primarily a neurological disorder impairing language, communication and social skills, it may have an indirect genetic pre-disposition. The Center for Disease Control in the United States has estimated … Read more

What is Autism

What is Autism in simple terms? Autism involves a series of behavioral diagnostic techniques and is often a difficult journey for most parents. Autism, in general, is a complex understanding of the brain’s neurological behaviors. It falls under the medical category of neurological disorders, including but not restricted to the following: Social interaction impairments Impairments in developmental language skills Impairments in … Read more