High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s

No one will display all the known characteristics of autism; some individuals may exhibit only a few. Just as no two non-autistic people, including identical twins who are absolutely alike, no two individuals with Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism behave in exactly the same way. All, however, have some difficulties interacting with other people and some odd … Read more

9 Ways to Self Manage Adult ADHD Treatment

Like any other repair job, a trusty toolkit is necessary to fix ADHD. The toughest challenges you face head-on is when it comes to managing difficult ADHD symptoms that beat you consistently through years, numbing you while you struggle to handle these challenges but still leaving you in the same rut. Time to shake that numbness … Read more

Pesticides may be Responsible for ADHD

The Journal of the Federation of American Societies publishes a recent research by its Experimental Biology (the whole thing reads FASEB) section. Associated were Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Emory University, University of Rochester Medical Center and Wake Forest University. Their joint observations on the ways pesticides affect mice (in-utero and through breast milk) found multiple symptoms of ADHD showing in them. The … Read more

Characteristics of Autism

In this post, I will talk about some of the Characteristics of Autism. The key objective for me is to provide you with an overview of the wide variety of characteristics that individuals with autism display on a day to day basis.  You will also learn how these characteristics are used to make a diagnosis. Prevalence for autism spectrum disorder … Read more

Are Smartphones To Blame For Autism?

Experts differ on whether to blame gadgets to cause autism Children’s relentless interaction with smartphones and tablets may lead to borderline autism disorder, warned Dr. Iain McGilchrist, a leading psychiatrist and author of The Master and His Emissary. However, there are other experts who believe the reasons behind autism are multidimensional. According to Dr. McGilchrist, too … Read more

Gestational Diabetes And Autism Is There A Risk

Diabetes during early pregnancy could mean a higher risk for the baby to develop autism, reveals a new study. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that if expecting mothers develop diabetic condition by the 26th week of pregnancy then they are 42% more like to have a child with autism. According to … Read more

Water Fluoridation Linked To ADHD

A new study may have established a link between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) prevalence in the United States and the presence of fluoride in drinking water. The finding sparked once again the debate on the efficacy of water fluoridation. The study conforms to the views of many other scientists who consider fluoride to be … Read more

Prenatal Exposure To Endocrine May Cause Autism

While detecting symptoms of autism at an early age is necessary, reducing exposure to chemicals that may cause autism is even more essential. But what are these chemicals? And how we are exposed to them? For decades, scientists have been trying to answers this question: How do you get autism? A group of researchers at the University … Read more

Is The Internet To Blame For A Rise In ADHD

Is it possible that our daily digital interactions could affect brain functioning? Many believe so (check out the common myths and facts about ADHD) Michael Pietrus, a coordinator of the Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessment protocol at the University of Chicago, holds the opinion that excessive use of internet could bolster mannerisms synonymous to … Read more