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At AutisMag, we’re always on the lookout for talented and self motivated professionals who believe in creating a massive impact. To apply to any of our current opportunities, click below.

What we do...

Parenting Neoridiverse kids with Autism may be challenging and rewarding at the same time!

Autism 360 Program drives targeted inclusion programs to help parents assume a directorial role in the development of their children, without having to solely rely upon specialized care providers (at least on a day to day basis).

In this program, the families are trained over a 3 to 6 months period to identify, design and execute strategies that deliver measurable progress in their child’s lives.

As a part of our core team, you will uptake a leadership role to guide, motivate and mentor these parents to become a Change Champion for their kiddos.

We're looking for...

To support our mission, we’re actively looking for passionate care providers with diverse experience in working with neurodiverse kids on the Spectrum and their parents. You’ll be expected to create a massive impact in your client’s lives by adopting the train-the-trainer approach.

You’ll need to be a qualified Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Behaviour Psychologist or a Special Educator in order to work with us. Autism Specialists/Coaches and Support workers with experience are also welcome to apply.

You need to be tech-savvy and prepared provide remote assistance to parents in a collaborative manner using remote technologies (such as Video conferencing, phone or webinar style workshops). You need to demonstrate high energy level to motivate your clients and team members.

Culture and empathy are our most important assets! Only participants, who subscribe to this vision and purpose may apply by filling out this form below.

Speech Therapists

Speech Pathologists/Therapists helping with receptive language and communication and/or social skills

Behavior Therapists/BCBA

Behavior Therapists, Psychologists and/or BCBA certified Behavior Trainers with proficiency in helping kids self regulate their emotions

Special Educators

With years of experience in delivering structured teaching and learning programs at schools and in communities

Sensory Enrichment Therapists

Occupational or Sensory Enrichment therapists who are able to create sensory profiles and manage sensory diet plans