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Welcome to this section on screening and assessment tools for Autism. We have created a compilation of some of the best screening tools that are available online for monitoring the progress of your child at various stages of development.

A majority of these tools prescribed here are 3rd party in nature and DW Autism assumes no responsibility for their accuracy and consistency. For more information on any of these tools please visit the attribution link next to the tools to visit their official site.

DW Autism Test Center

Click Here to visit DW Autism Test Center

Autism Test Online

Click on the Visit Link to access the Test Center

This is our one of a kind Autism Online Test Center. While the scores are indicative only, the tests measure your child’s behavioral, analytical, communication and social interactions to intelligently determine the likelihood of any Autism Spectrum Disorders. The tests are across the common disorder types (Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, etc) and specific test modules are available for each of the age groups (toddlers, children, adolescents, and adults). Following are some of the tests available:

Publisher: DW Autism

Child’s Early Development Milestones

This is a very simple tool that you can easily print out on an A4 sheet and stick it up your refrigerator. If you are simply interested in monitoring the milestones in your child’s development in a simple and easy format, very few tools beat this one. It highlights a few common behavioral traits that are observed in children at varying stages of their development. As long as your child is ticking those boxes at each stage, there is little you need to worry about. When you start observing that your child is not engaging on a few of those items, or is engaging only at a much later point in time, that would be the time to look at some of the detailed assessment techniques available here.
Publisher: Center for Disease Control

Sensory Motor Checklist

You can access the Checklist Here

pathways sensory motor checklist

Click on the download link to access the checklist

This is the most comprehensive free checklist available to access the everyday sensory and motor skills of a growing child and is extensively used by pediatricians and behavior therapists across the world. Following the development of a child in his/her early formative years (from 1 month all the way up to 6+ years), this checklist covers key indicators around the following 4 functional areas:

This one is a must-have for kids with a high or genetic risk of Autism.

DW Autism Symptoms Checklist

You can access the Checklist Here

Examples of How this Autism Symptoms Checklist should be used

Measuring the 60 common signs of Autism

This is another invaluable document from DW Autism. This checklist measures the progress of your child across the 60 common symptoms of Autism. Note that this checklist if available only for toddlers and children at the moment. Please visit the link to understand how to use this symptoms checklist and also obtain a downloadable copy of the same.

PublisherDW Autism

Autism Research Centre Tests

Click Here to access ARC Tests

autism research center

The most Exhaustive Test Library

The Autism Research Centre is a part of the Department of Psychiatry, at the University of Cambridge and its boasts of the most exhaustive test library for all things Autism! The only disadvantage is that the tests are in downloadable Microsoft Word format, which I find a bit clunky. Also the scoring matrix is a bit complicated to interpret for any normal user. This is the key reason why we recommend using our Autism Test Center, which is also based on the ARC framework, but is much more simplified.

Publisher: Autism Research Centre

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  • Helen Dabb says:

    I am a support co ordinator working with a family in Frankston who can not afford to pay for an assessment for ASD. She is 15 years old and struggling at home and school.
    How do I get her on a waiting list, government funded for the assessment?

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