Celebrate Neurodiversity

Let’s not try to ‘fix’ our kids

instead, give them the wings to Thrive

Kids develop skills 2 to 5x faster using Autism 360™ Framework!

Progress during regular ‘Therapy’ hours takes much longer to reflect in day-to-day life. We help families embed and incorporate strategies throughout daily routines – such as meal time, doing chores, etc.

Using this approach, kids get up to 20 times more opportunities to condition their skills: hence, the more they practice… the better they get.

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Strength based

We rely on your child’s strengths and interest to develop strategies

Goal Driven

We set clear goals to help you understand what success looks like

90 Day Increments

You should expect measurable progress every 90 days. Otherwise, there is not reason for you to choose us 🙂

Inter Disciplinary

Get access to our team of 40+ clinicians across disciplines – SLPs, OTs, Special Eds, Sensory Therapists and Psychologists

Live Workshops

Join hundreds of other parents on live Zoom workshops every week – you’re not alone in this anymore

1000+ Resources

Access all the tools, training and resources needed to implement strategies at home; in a safe and non-invasive manner

We’re the fastest growing Neurodiversity Platform.

Here’s our journey in the last 3 years


Team of inter disciplinary clinicians, and growing


Community members across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia


Major university partnerships on research programs

How it works?

3-Step Framework
used in Autism 360™

Here’s how more than 1600 families have successfully used our 3-step framework to develop life changing outcomes for their kids. This video unpacks the whole process (or scroll down below to understand the framework).


Comprehensive Needs Assessment

We start with a detailed assessment of your child’s needs and abilities. This could involve a range of assessments including (but not restricted to) communication, behavioral and cognitive skills. At the end of each assessment, we baseline key growth objectives and development milestones.

comprehensive assessment - autism 360
SMART Goals in Autism 360

Baseline SMART goals and objectives

At the end of the assessment phase, we create a set of goals that are closely aligned to the therapy outcomes for your child. Our goals are created using a S.M.A.R.T framework – in a way that is easily understood by parents, carers and educators.


12-week implementation cycles

The value of Autism 360™ lies in its execution. You don’t need to wait for months to experience progress. Rather, progress happens every week by taking baby steps!

Each week, our clinicians will help you implement a set of strategic tasks and activities using the resources in our library. We believe in progress, not perfection. If we are making progress each week, we will continue building momentum using the current approach. Otherwise, we will continue to inspect and adapt till we achieve breakthrough.

You in the driver’s seat

Access to Program Dashboard

Your child’s goals and progress are updated real-time. Our platform gives you the ability to visually monitor progress as and when it is made.

Autism 360 Dashboard

A sample Dashboard view with dummy data

Visually Manage Development

Using our Platform you can manage the objectives we are working on, at any given point in time, identify the mastered skills and exchange resource information with therapists and clinicians

Autism 360 Programming

Just a sample of how the objectives appear

Collaborate on Sessions and Tasks

Notes for each session could be accessed on demand. Our collaborative features allow you to comment on session notes, complete tasks and assign actions to your clinical team.

Autism 360 Sessions

Session notes are available with recordings

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Parent’s Dashboard
Program Collaboration
Sessions and Tasks
Best decision we ever made.Kartina Ross, OH

Have had big struggles with our young man
We signed up with our therapist, Ashleigh! During sessions, she has taught so much with sleeping more, talking, making eye contact Toileting! And we are proud to say progress - its Happening!

Outstanding help for my 3yoEmily Middleton

Before joining, my son had no means of communication. He was biting, hitting and had so many meltdowns. Alea introduced us to PECS to help him communicate his needs. Within weeks our son was already in stage 4 for PECS. He can now make basic requests. Something he was unable to do before.

Just what every family needsAmelia Chan

We just finished our 2nd quarter and have renewed for a third. The therapists are absolutely wonderful and helped us immensely to navigate this wonderful ASD world with our son.

So far... so goodZak Reid

We have been with this company for less than 3 months and so far things have been great! The therapists are all very approachable, they communicate efficiently and I can use the app to manage my daughter's progress

Such a valuable program!Leyla Hermes

Really stoked with what this has helped us achieve. Eli's meltdown is so much better and he is paying more attention while communicating effectively. No idea what we would have done during lockdown without help from this amazing team.

1000+ Resources & Courses

From Communications skills to Potty Training, we've got you covered. Access our library of self-paced modules on more than 22 core implementation zones. Not just that, access the worlds largest collection of 1000+ Autism resources — all available in our library!

Professional Courses

Access a Netflix style library of 22+ professionally designed courses focusing on 360 development objectives for your child.

Printable Resources

1000+ resources in printable formats - from communication cards, to visual schedules, and collection templates... Access all under one roof.

Weekly Workshops

Jump in live each week and join hundreds of other families on themed topics and group workshops hosted by leading industry experts.

Parent Wellbeing

You can achieve the best for you child only when you are operating at your best version. Get access to one-on-one parent care and group mindset workshops.

Autism 360 Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about our Autism 360 program. For more questions, please check our FAQ page

Is this available in my country?

Autism 360™ is primarily available in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. If you are a resident of a different country, please get in touch with us first before applying.

Will this work for me and my child?

You will need to invest about 30-45 minutes a day of conscious effort, attend your one-on-one sessions with an open mind, and commit to helping your child develop their skills. Once you do that, Autism 360™ can absolutely work for you and your child.

Our detailed road maps, goal-setting system and 360º coaching support leave nothing to chance.

And because each goal and roadmap is so detailed and 100% tailored to your child’s specific needs, you’ll find the table tilted in your favour.

By following our framework, you’ll be able to prove to yourself that the changes are really happening right before your eyes.

What is the cost of the program?

We provide you with a fixed quote if you qualify – this includes everything (all sessions, resources, workshops and training).

Every child and their family has unique needs, Autism 360™ is not a cookie-cutter program that has a standard pricing. We customize the service based on our initial assessment conversation, which is free.

If you are interested to learn more, please click here to apply and then schedule a cal with one of our Program advisors.

What’s different about Autism360™?

A lot of programs focus on kids with autism as being special needs.

The problem with this is it puts them in a box they spend their entire life trying to climb out of.

It can even subconsciously affect the way you and your child’s therapists, teachers, friends and other parents view and treat them for the rest of their life.

Instead of asking what your child can do, they’ll spend all their time focusing on what they can’t.

This is a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day process that can destroy your child’s ability to progress.

More than any treatment, diet, or therapy, the perspectives from which you see your child’s autism will have the greatest impact on them.

Some other programs have cottoned onto this idea.

But it’s not easy to change that mindset and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of support and guidance.

What's your evidence behind this?

Autism360™ is now taken so seriously we’ve even partnered with prestigious universities such as the University of Melbourne in Australia and University of North Carolina – doing 16,000 hours of clinical research along the way.

In 2021, we were the ONLY Autism provider to win the International Federation of Advanced Healthcare award for being a top 50 healthcare company.

But perhaps the best evidence for our methods are all the rave reviews you can find online. The average rating is 4.8 stars.

Can I apply and do this?

As long as you’re prepared to work with your coach and not against them, you’ll get all the skills you need to apply our system.

It’s really not difficult, but it does take persistence.Every single step is mapped out with you alongside your personal coach.

When you’ve been through the system once, you’ll know how to set new goals yourself and guide your child to developing new skills one at a time.

It takes work – at least 30 minutes a day. There will be setbacks, failures, and moments of head-exploding frustration.

But your coach will be there every step of the way to help you bounce back stronger. In your weekly coaching sessions, you’ll analyze failures and refine your plan – nothing is set in stone, and everything is decided by the needs of your child.

When life blows up in your face – which probably will happen at least once – get in contact with your coach for more immediate help rather than sitting on the problem all week.

Why Autism360™ and not a regular therapist?

Is what you’re doing right now working? If so, keep going!

That said, many parents find the results of occupational and behavioral therapy don’t last long. These parents can feel like a dog forever chasing its own tail.

If that’s you, the best thing is to stop and consider if there might be a better path to take.

When you’re the one leading your child’s skills development, you’ll see firsthand how your results will stick much better.

Autism360™ is the only system designed to give you the exact skills and mindset you need to free yourself from constant outside support. Which, let’s face it, we often feel tempted to continue… even if it isn’t doing much good.

That probably doesn’t mean you can immediately fire your therapists. We always advocate for as much support as possible until you and your child feel like you’ve ‘got this’.

Then, as your skills develop and your confidence grows, this scenario progressively becomes more likely to occur.

What’s the duration of the program?

Three months (90 days) to start with, though in more than 80% of cases, parents find our approach so effective that they renew at the end of each term.

The average member spends between 9 and 12 months with us.

Why do we use 90-day cycles?

Imagine going through an intense program like this for a whole year. It would start to drag and in the end, you’d lose all sense of motivation and urgency.

On the other hand, 90 days is long enough to target a single specific skill and see massive improvements.

At the end of 90 days, you’ll have the chance to roll over to a new term of 90 days with a new set of goals – if you so choose.

How many one-on-one sessions are included in the quote?

As many as you need, we charge you for the overall result (goals, not by the hour). But you gotta put in the work..

Most parents need around 90 minutes per week. Our model relies on you receiving as much support as necessary to meet your child’s goals.

Some parents may require much more time and others less – but that’s okay. We don’t charge you by the hour because we want you to get all the support you need.

We want you to reach out to us when you need help, not sit worrying about how much a call will cost you.  When we say the one-time investment is all-inclusive, it really is 🙂

Are there any age limits for my child?

Our model works best for kids between 2-17 years old.

I have a different question...

Sure, please check out our FAQ page for more details. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us – log a ticket with support team