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How does Autism 360 work?

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About our Program

Most Frequently asked questions about Autism 360™ Program

How long is Autism 360™ Program?

Autism 360™ starts with an initial 90 Days Plan.


We understand that a child’s development is a lifelong journey. Then why only for 90 days?

Well, we keep it short because 90 days is not so long that things keep dragging till no end and we all loose the motivation and urgency… Imagine going through a program for 1 year – just keeps going on and on. Not fun!

On the other hand, 90 days is not too short either to target a specific skill and achieve some massive improvements in that department.. So, in this Program, we’ll focus on developing a specific skill for 90 days at a time.

Here is how the Cycle works:

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What Age groups do you Support??

Our program is most effective for kids between 2 to 12 years old. Often, a child’s needs change as they approach teenage or puberty. And in such cases our model may not be as effective 

For kids 13 to 17 yo and older, we can determine serviceability on a case-by-case basis after an initial evaluation. At this point, we are not well equipped to work with 18 yo+ adults on the spectrum.

If your child is between 13 to 17 yo…

In such cases, we encourage you to fill out the EOI form using this link and in the subsequent page, choose a date and time for an initial call using the online calendar. During this call, we’ll carefully evaluate your needs and then articulate the next steps.

There is no charge for this call. And if we are unable to help, we’ll be honest and upfront about it.

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Which Locations do you Serve?

Though head office is in Sydney, we have staff members and therapists across the nation. As such, given our model, we are able to provide service to most post codes across all states and territories in Australia.

Use this link to Express your Interest with Autism 360™

How much Time do I need to Commit?

Your effort will be directly proportional to the development that you’re likely to observe in your child’s social, behavioural, cognitive and learning skills. An average, stay at home mum or dad, usually spends anywhere between 5 to 7 hours a week (approx 1 hr a day).

If you are a working parent, please plan to spend ~ 4 to 5 hours a week (approx 45mins a day) to see results.

Note: Please do not apply if you are unable to invest much time working directly with your child in the program. In this case you are not likely to see results and it would be a waste of your child’s precious NDIS funding.

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What happens after 90 Days at Autism 360™

When you join Autism 360™, we always start with an initial 90 Days plan 

So what happens after 90 Days?

After the initial 90 days, families typically choose one of following 3 options:

Continue for another 90 Days with NEW Goals: Subject to available funding, most parents choose this option. Assuming the target goals for the first 90 days have already been mastered, families would either [a] choose to work with the same coach with an upLevel goal, or [b] work with a different coach for another 3 months to focus on a different goal (maybe the focus could shift from communication skills to improved relationships)

Rollover to a Monthly Momentum Framework: Families may choose a more streamlined framework that is not as intensive as Autism 360™, but still helps to continue momentum on the progress made over the last 90 days. This would allow families to maintain laser-sharp focus on developing the child’s goals, while significantly reducing the time and cost involved.

Feel Empowered & Move On: This is the outcome that we aim for! Our goal is for you to have all the tools, resources and strategies you need to be able to make meaningful and ongoing impact in your child’s life – without being handcuffed to therapists for life; and that includes us 🙂

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Do you have any Reviews or Case Studies

Yes, we have plenty!

Simply Google “Autism 360 Reviews” and you can find a TON on feedback and references from parents, carers and media.

Reviews on Product Review website

We can share heaps of internal testimonials and reviews on our Facebook group. Instead, let’s share with you credible feedback from families on external websites where they have left a review. Please check out the following.

Check out 4.9 Stars on Website

Reviews on Google

Case Study Videos

Please CLICK HERE to check out some of our case studies

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My child is Nonverbal. Will it work?


Improving speech, social and verbal communication skills is one of the strongest components of Autism 360™ Framework. We have created hundreds of verbal behaviour plans over the last 18 months and have a higher success rate than any other organisation across Australia.

To learn more, please schedule a callback.

Where Can I learn more about Autism 360™

Joining Autism 360™ would be an important decision for you and your family; and most likely a life-changing one too. So, it pays off to be well prepared 

Kindly spend some time to go through our Program Information Pack which explains the core framework and philosophy behind Autism 360™. You can download it below.

>> CLICK HERE to download the Autism360™ Program Information Pack

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Do you have any current Waitlists?

Autism 360™ receives more than 2000 applications per year from all across Australia. As such our services are in very high demand and often have waitlists. The wait-times may vary based on the level of support you need and the type of Goals you want to achieve for your child. For example, communication goals may have a slightly longer waitlist than learning needs.

That said, we understand the families may often have an urgent need and we always make best efforts to accomodate the same. When you apply with us, please feel free to have that conversation with your program advisor to see if we can move things around.

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Can I continue current Therapy while with Autism 360™

Yes, and we recommend that you do not make any abrupt changes to your child’s therapy schedule – at least during the first 4-6 weeks without consulting your Coach. Autistic kids thrive on routines and Autism 360™ will introduce some gradual changes to the same (which the child may not like during initial stages).

Therefore, further disrupting the existing schedule is generally not advisable, as it can result to an increase in difficult behaviours, tantrums and (in some cases) meltdowns. Moreover, depending on your goals, we may end up working together in collaboration with your existing therapy provider/s to create a win-win outcome for you and your child.

Remember, it takes a village to raise an Autistic child and our role is to add to that support system, not take away its important elements 🙂

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How to Apply for a Role at Autism 360™?

We are always looking for qualified therapists with significant experience in working with Neurodivergent kids.

To apply, simply visit our Careers Page.

Evidence & Framework

Most Frequently asked questions about Autism 360™ Program

Is Autism 360™ Evidence Based?

Autism 360™ only implements Evidence-based strategies based on extensive research and data collection. The framework is build upon Parent mediated intervention approach which believes that parents (when empowered with the right set of tools, resources and some guided support) are in best position to develop their child’s skills.

Typically, a child may receive therapy for a few hours a week, but when they are back in their normal home settings, the usual process of life takes over. Hence, the skills acquired (during the therapy hours) are not consistently reflected.

In comparison, when parents are trained to embed and implement the same strategies throughout the usual daily chores, the child gets way more opportunities to practice and implement the same skills. And, more practice, significantly improves the time they take to acquire the skills.

| Could be as high as 5 to 7 times more effective!

No kidding! The compounding effects of implementing interest-based strategies (at home with parents) throughout the day could be exponential. There are countless research articles to substantiate this claim. Here are just a few recent ones:

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What does Autism 360™ Program look like?

Autism 360™ is a proven framework that only relies upon evidence-based and clinically proven strategies that are non invasive in nature and completely safe to implement.

When you join the Program, here is here is what the journey typically looks like:

Autism 360 Framework

Autism 360 Framework

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What type of Therapists does Autism 360™ employ?

Autism 360™ only employs highly experienced Therapy professionals as Coaches. These therapists have at least 8 to 10 years of post qualification, field experience and are generally from one of the following backgrounds:

  • Speech Therapy / SLP
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Behaviour Therapy (BCBA, RBT)
  • Child Psychology
  • Special Education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sensory Enrichment Therapy
  • Phd in Autism or Related studies

At the moment we are not recruiting any graduates fresh out of University or any trainees.

If you are a carer, please CLICK HERE for a Free Consultation with Autism 360™ Program Advisor.

What are the 3 Pillars of Autism 360™ Framework?

Autism 360™ framework is based on the following 3 foundations that seamlessly integrate with each other to create a robust support model for participants and their carers:

  • S.M.A.R.T Goals
  • 12 week Iterative Plan focused on weekly milestones
  • Parent Support and Mindset

The diagram below illustrates the model and the frequency at which each pillar is implemented/revisited.

3 Pillars of Autism 360™ Framework

3 Pillars of Autism 360 Framework

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What does a SMART Goal look like?

By definition, S.M.A.R.T goals have the following characteristics:

S – Specific (so that you know what exactly you’re aiming for)
M – Measurable (you can’t improve what you don’t measure)
A – Achievable (through guided effort and effective action)
R – Realistic (aiming for rainbows and unicorns? ain’t happening)
T – Time bound (goals without deadlines is just a wish list)

At Autism 360™, all our goals MUST follow the S.M.A.R.T framework.

| Examples of S.M.A.R.T goals:

Please check this example from one of our case studies to see SMART goals in Action.

Some examples of SMART Goals

Some examples of SMART Goals

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What are some of the Common Goals that you work with?

We are a multi disciplinary team of therapists trained to take on pretty much any goal as long as its achievable (based on the child’s current skill level) and is aligned to their NDIS Capacity Building objectives.

A few examples of Goals commonly requested by carers:

  • The child is able to read their feelings and self-regulate their emotions
  • For the child to use X number of words to express their basic needs and how they feel
  • For the child to be able to articulate their thoughts into words they can carry a conversation
  • Child to be toilet trained so they can do a wee and poo independently
  • For the child to understand how to interact appropriately with other in social situations through reading emotions and social cues
  • For the child to engage to direct play with others kids instead playing alone or parallel play
  • For the child to make attempts at regulating their emotions
  • For the child to improve their motor skills and carry out a set of defined self-care activities
  • For the child to focus on a non preferred task for X minutes at a time
  • The child is able to proactively ask for help
  • The child is able to learn an activity and generalise the learning
  • many more…

Got a different Goal in mind? Click here to get in touch with us

What a 12 Week Program Plan looks like?

The 12 weeks Program Plan is created by your Coach (therapist) after your initial Goal planning session. Initially, the program looks much like a scaffolding (or an initial outline) that is subsequently enriched each week with detailed therapy outline and underpinned strategies.

Some essential characteristics of a great Program Plan:

  • Each week is laser focused on a micro goal – a baby step which is easy to achieve but is a fundamental prerequisite to the 90 days SMART goal
  • Focus is always on Progress, NOT perfection
  • Program plan is not rigid or set in stone – each week, you and your coach inspect the plan and its applicability and make any necessary course corrections

Example of a High Level Structure:

Here is an example of a high level program focused on micro goals.

Child Age: 5 yo
Currently: Nonverbal
SMART Goal: Ability for Jeremy (not real name) to make basic requests using 1-2 word phrases

Plan Objective: Jeremy is a strong sensory seeker and is strongly motivated to receive sensory inputs. Coach to use this interest to help Jeremy verbally articulate his needs.

12 Weeks Action Plan: Here is what it looks like at a high level.

Example of a high level 12 week plan

Example of high level 12 week plan

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Does Autism 360™ participate in Research?

Autism 360™ invests more in Research that any other privately owned allied healthcare organisation in Australia. Our team of Therapists and Technocrats are always exploring innovative, technology-aided strategies to improve lives of participants and their carers.

Autism 360™ Research partners include:

  • University of Melbourne, AU
  • University of South Carolina, US

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Funding & NDIS

Questions related to costs, program plans and NDIS funding – Australian residents only

Is Autism 360™ NDIS Registered?

Yes, we are a fully registered NDIS provider for Early Intervention, Capacity Building, Therapeutic Services and Behaviour Support groups. Very few services across Australia are registered for all these support groups that can cater to 360° needs of our clients.

Our NDIS Provider Number is 4050059671

Our NDIS Registration Number is 4-C3G42YC

Our ABN number is 84625581848, trading as “AutisMag” (in case you wish to carry out your own independent verification)

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What is the Cost of the Program?

Imagine walking into a supermarket and enquiring “what will be the cost of my weekly groceries?” It really depends on 2 factors, [a] your family’s needs, and [b] your budget. Doesn’t it?

Each child on Spectrum is unique; and so are their needs and abilities. Autism 360™ is NOT an online course with bunch of generic videos for carers to watch and learn. The program, just like any other therapy, is uniquely tailored to your child’s specific goals. So the pricing varies based on your specific situation.

Autism 360™ is a Parent Mediated Therapy Program wherein you’ll work one-on-one with a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to help you meet your child’s specific goals. These goals, could be improved communication & social skills, behaviour/emotional regulation, learning & cognitive abilities, or anything that is closely aligned to your child’s NDIS objectives.

This multi-disciplinary team of professionals may include
 – a Speech Therapist/SLP
 – a Behaviour Therapist (or Psychologist)
 – an Occupational or Sensory Enrichment therapist, and
 – a Special Educator

That said, our pricing is transparent and all inclusive. When you work with us, you will know our charges upfront and there will be no hidden fees or surcharges.

The initial step to receive a fixed price quote for the first 90 days would be to evaluate whether Autism 360™ would be a great fit for your family and vice-versa. You can get started by following the process below:

– Spare a couple of minutes to fill up this EOI form online
– You would then be redirected to an online calendar to book an Introduction – – call with one of our Program Advisors
– Choose a date and time based on your availability
– Confirm your booking and add a reminder to your diary

There is no cost for this booking.

During the call, the Program advisor will clearly assess your needs and agree with you on a set of possible goals and an action plan. Based on these goals and the level of support needed, you will receive a fixed price quote for 90 days. Our quote is all-inclusive and covers all needed sessions, strategies, resources and a set of selected external softwares/apps required to achieve the goals.

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What NDIS Budget Categories do you use?

The NDIS specific Budget types depend on the participant’s specific NDIS goals. Typically, our services fall under one of the 3 following budget categories:

Capacity Building Budget Types

CB-DAILY: CB Daily Activities – This is the budget type used in more than 80% of all cases
CB-RELATIONSHIPS: CB Improved Relationships
CB-SOCIAL: CB Social Community and Civic Participation

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Do I need to pay Upfront?

In most cases, you’re not required to pay upfront should you choose to work with Autism 360™. We understand how NDIS works and we stand by its code of conduct.

When we share the fixed price quote for 90 days, we will also share with you a full breakdown with a Schedule of Services.

Typically the payment is split into 3 equal invoices:

 – Payment Milestone 1: after 21 days of Service (for start date)
 – Payment Milestone 2: after 60 days from Service start date
 – Payment Milestone 3: after 90 days of Service i.e. at the completion of     the Program

We understand that after receiving the invoice, you may need additional time to request the payment from MyGov/Portal, or from your Plan manager. For this reason, all our invoices are only due 7 days after they are sent.

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Do you provide a NDIS Report at the end of Term?

Yes, we provide a comprehensive report at the end of the program period.

While there is no additional charge for this report, you would need to request the same to the Coach at least 2 weeks in advance of your NDIS review date

What does the Report Look like?

The report is provided on our Autism 360 letterhead and primarily follows the structure mentioned below:

  • Outcomes of the baseline or current-state assessment as carried out by the Therapist (Coach)
  • The S.M.A.R.T Goals that we worked upon
  • High level summary of the Program Plan and the key strategies implemented
  • Observable progress (backed up by data), and
  • Recommendations for future capacity building

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What is Included in the Program fees?

Cost of Autism 360™ is all-inclusive

When you work with us, you pay a scheduled monthly fee – there would be no hidden charged and no ad-hoc surcharges.

   Your Program Fees include everything:

  •  Weekly 1 hour one-on-one Capacity building therapy support
  • Access to additional therapy sessions (as required)
  • Midweek check-in calls to maintain momentum (if opted in my client)
  • Access to online Learning resources
  • Access to premium Apps (as required)
  • Accountability across max 3 goals using the SMART framework to be achieved using a 12 week plan
  • Access to 360 Parents Support Group for Increased participation
  • Fortnightly themed group workshops on skill building
  • All resources, worksheets, Visuals and data-collection charts
  • Access to our proprietary Autism 360™ web-based Application for tracking and monitoring

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Do you Provide a Quote for NDIS?

Yes, we do! But first we need to understand the kind of support that the carer and the participants need to provide you with an all inclusive Fixed price quote for 90 days.

To obtain a Quote, please CLICK HERE to schedule a callback request.

  • Please fill out some details about your current situation
  • In the following page, use the online calendar to select a date and time of call

During the call, you can have a discussion with the program advisor and request a fixed price quote to be sent to you via email.