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For Jim Cockey, father of a 36-year-old Autistic adult, life has always been about dealing with Autism on a day to day basis. But a new alternative therapy by a local practitioner has given the family some hope.

Jim Cockey, Father of an Adult with Autism, “Till about a year ago, Rupert (not real name) rarely used to smile. Today, rarely a day passes by when he doesn’t.”

Jim believes that the credit for this success story belongs to Emily Yuen, a successful practitioner at the local NEAT Clinic. According to their official website, NEAT specializes in a holistic treatment with special emphasis on the permanent elimination of environmental and food allergies – a factor causing a wide range of illness. Note: Though similar to Homeopathic treatment of Autism, NEAT is a focused therapy that aims to target all-round development.

Emily Yuen, Practitioner @ NEAT Clinic explains, “By controlling the allergens, prescribing the right diet measures and stimulating deep sensory pressure points among other well-known techniques, we can reduce the classical Autism symptoms by up to 70% in our patients.”

Rupert has always had issues with communication, and to make things worse, he had co-existing self-aggression and oppositional defiance as well. However, after working for the last year with Yuen, Jim believes that there has been a substantial improvement in these areas. Recently, Jim notes, his son is showing willingness to interact with the family.

Citing the example of how NEAT has helped his son integrate better into the family, Jim urges parents of Autistic children to evaluate alternate treatment options that are not mainstream. He believes that these approaches are safer and relatively inexpensive compared to the traditional pharmaceutical treatments of Autism. Also, more often than not, these remedial measures have a longer lasting impact and offer a rewarding experience for both the patient and their families.

NEAT Alternate Therapy for Autism

NEAT Alternate Therapy for Autism. For more information, visit the NEAT Autism Treatment Center

As a practitioner, Yuen has worked with Autism patients with a varied range of personalities and across  diverse age groups, “It’s been an exhilarating ride so far to be a part of this process and watching adults and children with Autism wake up from a neuro-behavioral slumber!”

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