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ADHD Myths and Facts

                        Fig 1: ADHD Myths and Facts

There is not a lot of information out there on ADHD! So, how do you differentiate between ADHD myths and facts? Since everyone seems to have a different opinion on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and the topics may range from ADHD causes, symptoms and therapy/learning options. Having worked with ADHD in children for many years, I would like to clear some of the fiction up with fact!

Note: the following comparison of ADHD myths and facts is NOT my personal opinion but facts that are researched and validated from multiple reliable resources!

ADHD myths and facts

     Table 1: Top 10 ADHD Myths and Facts

As you can see there are many myths floating around about ADHD/ADD. Social Media has become a forum for people to openly express what they “think” and not necessarily present factual information. More and more research is being done, data compiled and more factual reports made available. We must consider the increasing amount of environmental changes that we have experienced since the early 1990’s. These factors must also be included in the research being conducted.

Every day there is new information being discovered and older information being revised – this helps us to re-baseline the ADHD myths and facts. We can be thankful that the attention this subject draws, will improve the lives and quality of lives of those affected by ADHD/ADD.

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  • Very good read. As a mother of a child recently diagnosed with ADHD, it breaks my heart to know that some people have negative opinions about kids with ADHD because they believe these myths that you stated above. Thank you for enumerating it one by one and countering it with facts. Cheers!

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