Celebrate Neurodiversity!

My child with Autism is not flawed - he or she is just different. They don't need fixing, what they want is your respect and acceptance for who they are...
It doesn't help when you only focus on what your child cannot do. Rather it's remarkable what they can achieve when you play by their strengths. And our job is to show you how!
Ash Bhattacharya, CEO

Why Autism 360™ is like no other


SMART stands for SPECIFIC.MEASURABLE.REALISTIC.ACHIEVABLE.TIME-BOUND. Creating such goals allows us to be laser focused around achieving milestones for your child


We work with you to create a tailored 12 week plan to work on those SMART goals. Each weak is about taking baby steps... Remember, its Progress, not perfection that we are after.


You have the most significant role to play in your child's development. Not the school, not the therapists, not us... YOU! And you can only achieve the best outcome for your child when you are operating at your best version. Which is why, we provide counselling support to you as well - to create that unshakable mindset and become the best advocate for your child


Autism 360 is not an online course or a group coaching program. Its you and us... one on one! Together we roll our sleeves and get into the trenches to provide you the right support that you need, when you need it!

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How AUTISM 360 Works..

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The Future of Autism Therapy is here...

S.M.A.R.T Goals

We start the Program by defining realistic and measurable goals that could be achieved within the next 90 days

12 Weeks Plan

Every week is laser focused on achieving a specific skillset that progressively contributes towards the goal/s

Weekly One on Ones

Your Coach (a qualified and highly experienced therapist) would be working with you one on one, every week

Self Service Portal

Autism 360 has the world's largest online repository of step-by-step data driven strategies the real therapists use on a daily basis. No other university or institute can even come close!

Buddy Support

We connect you to another parent (your buddy) around your location whose child has similar needs and is going the the program at the same time - your kids and socialise and you have a friend for life

Visual Tools & Apps

We have partnered with some of the best known Apps that help from communication to emotional regulation and learning. You get access to everything!

Helping your child THRIVE with Autism

What 1200 Families framework that has already helped thousands of families achieve their child’s development milestones with 16,000 hours of clinical sessions.

IFAH Global TOP 50 Healthcare Company

IFAH (International Federation of Advanced HealthCare) is like the Oscars in the healthcare industry! Last year, Autism 360™ was the only mental and allied healthcare provider to receive this award in an elaborate ceremony hosted in Las Vegas

IFAH Healthcare Award Autism 360u

The Largest Facebook Group for Autism

Autism 360 is the largest and most active community of Autism parents and professionals globally. Join 10,000+ Autism families and become part of a movement

Every child with Autism is unique
so are their needs..

Speech & Communication Skills

There are 9 levels of communication. Do you know where your child stands? If not, how could you possibly know where your child needs to be…

Difficult Behavior

Tantrums, meltdowns or repetitive behaviors could only be solved once we recognise the underlining challenges that the child faces. We’ll work with you to identify and resolve those conditions

Sensory Enrichment

Most Occupational Therapists tend to overlook the Sensory profile of the child. Often, addressing the child’s sensory needs is the easiest way to help them focus, transition and become more independent

Teaching & Learning

Most educators focus on “how to teach” rather than “how a child learns”. Kids learn differently – and we help you adapt your teaching style to the way your child learns.

Lets make it happen together

Within the next 90 Days of working with us, you're gonna make more progress with your child that what you'd have achieved in that last 2 years! Thats my personal guarantee.

Ash Bhattacharya

Autism 360™

The latest in the world of Autism

For Parents & Caregivers

Parenting a neurodiverse child is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Our resources can help you get prepared and stay focused.
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Technology & Research

With more than $17bn funded across US, UK & Australia on Autism related services, its hard keeping up with the latest and greatest.
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For Adults

Adults with Autism need help too and we have a dedicates set of resources to help adults with Autism along that journey.
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Policies & "Political"

From advocacy to policy and legislation changes – at Autism 360™, we cover it all.. the good, the bad and the ugly.
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