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Introducing Autism 360™

Now you can help your child express their needsmanage their emotionsbecome independent

… by implementing simple strategies at home 🏠

Parent-led intervention that feels personalized for each child

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Save more than 98% on your monthly Therapy bills by spending only 20 mins a day

Scholarships available. We’ll ask a few questions to check the eligibility

We've made so much progress 🥰 We don't spend hours doing therapy anymore!

Melissamom of 13 year old Jack

Long Therapy hours ain’t cool… Progress is 😎

autism app with personalized assessment

Unlock new Playful Pathways to Progress: We help you transform mundane therapy sessions into joyful, interactive experiences for you and your child. Only by using safe, noninvasive strategies at home 🏡.

Rapid Assessments

Assess skill gaps and identify opportunities in minutes using our patent-pending assessment model

Incremental Progress

Get a development plan that creates new Goals for your child and unlocks new ones when milestones are achieved

Evidence based

Developed using 300,000 hours of 'real' clinical sessions with more than 6000 participants, with a little touch of AI

  • No Therapy skills required
  • No waitlists needed
  • Save 98% on Therapy bills

Your virtual therapist now lives in your pocket

Autism AI Therapy chat

Embrace the power of Therapeutic AI. Have your questions answered ✅ in seconds

  • Unlock instant solutions
  • Access recommended resources
  • Expertise – Anytime, Anywhere

We now have an opportunity to look forward to my son's future

Faith Jere
Marion - feedback for Autism 360

Adam, 5yo, was nonverbal. Now making small 2-3 word sentences. WOW 🎉

Marion Faivremom of 5 year old Adam

Who cares about waitlists when you have 24×7 support

Skip the queue and embrace boundless support:
Say goodbye 👋 to waitlists and hello to round-the-clock access to transformative resources.

SAVE over $10,000 per year in therapy expenses. 88% of our members spend no more than 20 mins per day

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Enjoy Netflix-style Autism experience – slide the blue line to preview


Got a Question? Ask our Clinical Team and get a response within the day

Guidance When You Need It Most 💗... Receive thoughtful responses from our registered clinicians within the day, ensuring you're never alone on your journey.

ask a question using our Autism app

Clinicians will respond to your questions; ask anonymously – because we value your privacy.

Shape your child’s tomorrow, by design

Track your child's emotions to gain valuable insights

  • Get periodic insights
  • Apply routine recommendations
  • Build on their strengths to create more opportunities 

No longer-term commitments. Stay only if you like. Cancel anytime.

track emotions using the Autism app

Perhaps our best tool – gain control of your day by tracking your child’s emotions and make better decisions for their tomorrow…

Sometimes… our superheroes 🦹🏻 need help too.

Need personalized one-on-one support? Book sessions ON Demand.

  • Zero waitlists
  • Access a multidisciplinary team of Clinicians
  • Pay only for what you use

One-on-one support when you need it the most. Book ad-hoc sessions with our Therapists and pay only for what you use. No waitlists!!!

Privileged membership to a community that cares 🌱

No more feeling 'alone' in your Autism journey. You're now a parent in an inclusive tribe

Weekly workshops with Autism app
  • Join other parents Live
  • Ask your questions directly to a panel of clinicians
  • Make friends – share each other’s journey

Access our community based support – your subscription includes all Live workshops. Join us to feel included.

Autism App FAQs

Here are some common FAQs about our Award winning autism app. For further information please contact us.

What age group is this suitable for?

Autism 360 is versatile and designed to support children of various age groups, focusing on those in the early development stages (2 yo) up to young adulthood (up to 18 yo).

It provides tailored strategies and resources to meet the unique needs of each age group, helping them develop essential skills for life. We are also working on an adult version of the app.

Is there a free Trial?

No, our Autism 360 app is very affordable and comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Most families using Autism 360 reduce therapy bills by at least 84%.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

None! Cancel anytime and you will not be charged further.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription within the Profile page of your App.

What if I am not 100% satisfied with the product?

While the Autism 360 app is designed to work for most kids across multiple cultural backgrounds, we understand that at times you may not find the product useful. No worries, we have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Is Autism 360 evidence-based?

100% evidence-based on more than 300,000 hours of direct clinical sessions with families! Our content and tools are carefully crafted in collaboration with experts in the field, ensuring that every piece of advice, assessment, and resource is grounded in research and proven techniques.

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